prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towel s every day. Ultraviolet

The only resort in the Maldives with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, enjoy swimming in this beautiful 50-meter boundless swimming pool with poolside bars and sunbathing platforms. Enjoy free pool service, including chilled towels, iced water, Evian soda and frozen fruit.

prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towel s every day. Ultraviolet

Firstly, nylon mesh bags with zippers offer a lightweight and breathable option for storing a wide range of items. The mesh fabric allows air to circulate freely, preventing moisture build-up and potential odors. This feature makes them ideal for storing items such as sports gear, gym clothes, shoes, or even damp towels. By facilitating air circulation, these bags help keep your belongings fresh, dry, and odorless.

What sets this toiletry bag apart from others is the inclusion of a hanging hook. This feature allows you to easily hang the bag on a towel rack or door handle, saving precious counter space in cramped hotel bathrooms. The hook is sturdy and securely holds the bag, even when it is fully loaded with your toiletries. This thoughtful addition makes it much more convenient to access your items and keeps them within reach at all times.

7. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towel s every day. Ultraviolet

1. Bath Essentials: A luxurious bath experience is the ideal way to relax, and no pamper gift basket is complete without it. Consider including bath bombs or bath salts in a range of enticing scents, soothing bubble bath, or even a bath pillow for added comfort. Additionally, fluffy towels and a soft bathrobe will enhance their relaxation experience even further.

Mesh bags are designed with durable, breathable fabric that allows air to circulate freely. This feature plays a vital role in preventing odors, moisture retention, and mildew from ruining your belongings. Unlike traditional packing methods, where clothes get compressed together, mesh bags provide ample breathing space, reducing the chances of funky smells sticking to your garments. By keeping your dirty laundry or damp towels separate in these bags, you ensure that your other belongings stay fresh and odor-free throughout your journey.

The right thing to do is to dry your hair with a towel, then set the temperature of the hair dryer to moderate, apply essential oil when it is half-dry, and then blow it to dry. Be sure to air-dry and not air-dry naturally, because fine soft hair will be more flat and lifeless if it is naturally air-dried, so you must avoid it.

prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towel s every day. Ultraviolet

Especially during the epidemic period of hand, foot and mouth disease, we more strictly implement the environmental hygiene system, insist on a small scan every day and a big sweep once a week, strictly implement the disinfection system, do a good job in daily disinfection and disease prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towels every day. Ultraviolet disinfection is carried out in activity rooms and siesta rooms every day, and toys and books are disinfected regularly. In the season of frequent occurrence of infectious diseases in spring, our park strictly adopts isolation and disinfection measures, and the bedding is sunburned once a week and cleaned once a month. Our park continues to enhance the effectiveness and strength of the inspection.

For example, washbasins, combs, towels, toothbrushes, etc., Yuezi toothbrush, Yuezi mouthwash do not have to buy, or look at the mother, not particularly sensitive mother can use the usual toothpaste toothbrush. Towels and basins can be prepared with 2-3 towels to facilitate maternal cleaning in different positions.

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