isolation system, strictly disinfect towel s, toys, books and

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Autumn is the season of high incidence of all kinds of infectious diseases, in order to do a good job in the prevention of infectious diseases in autumn, ensure that all disinfection work is in place and effective, and ensure that children have a safe and healthy environment. At noon on September 14, 2021, Director Huang of Qiaobian Kindergarten organized classes to carry out routine disinfection operation and standard form filling training. It is hoped that through training, teachers can strictly standardize the sanitary disinfection work in kindergartens. During the training, Director Huang explained the matters needing attention in the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, and then put forward detailed requirements for the use of disinfectant and the proportion of disinfectant. Emphasis is placed on the actual operation methods of daily disinfection in classroom space, towel racks, tables and chairs, furniture, toilets, books, floors and so on.

isolation system, strictly disinfect towel s, toys, books and

For mothers who give birth by caesarean section, in order to avoid infection of the wound, they are generally unable to take a shower about 10 days after delivery. Do not use cold water when taking a bath, do not touch water on the wound, take a bath within 10 minutes, choose to shower or wipe your body with a wet towel, do not take a bath, and pay attention to the number of times you wash your hair.

Disinfection should be part of the daily work of the kindergarten, and it is very necessary to make disinfection records. Therefore, we adhere to the sanitary disinfection and isolation system, strictly disinfect towels, toys, books and air, and disinfect towels every day in order to reduce common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases. When it happens, open the doors and windows early every morning to ensure fresh and clean air, and disinfect the air regularly. Plastic toys are soaked and insolated with 84 disinfectant water every week, and the environmental hygiene is swept once a week, swept or wiped once in the morning and evening; the toilet and cleaning tools are soaked in disinfectant water once a week, and so on. Our park has also established a whole set of sanitary disinfection system, and strictly compared with the system to do a good job in all kinds of disinfection work, so as to achieve: regular disinfection of toys and building blocks, all kinds of articles, responsibility to people, responsibility to class, thus greatly improving the quality of sanitary disinfection in our garden, preventing and controlling the occurrence of infectious diseases, and making our children grow up healthily and lively.

1. Fully equipped. In addition to bathing suits, goggles, swimming caps and other equipment, you must wear slippers in winter to avoid catching cold on the soles of your feet, and bring bath towels or towels to keep warm in the middle or after bathing. In addition, the swimming pool has high room temperature and high humidity, so it is recommended to wear clothes that are relatively simple, easy to wear and keep warm, so as to change clothes.

Finally, there is the question of whether to install a shower room or a bathtub. I support installing a shower room. After all, there are more things for girls, and shower washing will be more clean and sanitary, but my husband wants to install a bathtub and say that he wants to enjoy a bath. As a result, there is a picture of the bathroom (such as the following picture), 3 “small bathroom, but by the husband such a complete function, but also very practical! Install the bathtub, hang the shower curtain, and then install the shower above the bathtub, soak in the shower without mistake; the bathroom mirror is directly attached to the wall, install a bright chandelier, make-up is not delayed; enter the wall-style washbasin, install a board directly below, put soap, facial cleanser is no problem; and the top of the toilet is installed with a board, which happens to be used as a towel ring.

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