quickly evacuated. The children picked up wet towel s, covered their noses

At 10:00 in the morning, with the fire alarm sounded, the children, organized by the teachers of each class, quickly evacuated. The children picked up wet towels, covered their noses and mouths, lowered their bodies, followed the teacher downstairs according to the designated escape route, and the class teachers divided their work and cooperation. one is responsible for the front care and evacuation, one is responsible for the escape and evacuation inside and outside the classroom, and the kindergarten security patrol personnel carry out command and inspection. Ensure that all teachers and students evacuate quickly and orderly to the safe area of the playground, and the head teacher quickly counts the number of people to report to the commander-in-chief. The whole evacuation took only 10 minutes and 07 seconds. After the exercise, Mr. Zhang made a summary of the exercise.

Use skin care products with moisturizing effect. Oily skin to do a good job of oil control and moisturizing work is very easy, it is recommended to wash the face with a hot towel to help open pores, with facial cleanser and skin care products to improve skin condition and replenish moisture, in the summer UV is very strong need to do a good job of protection, need to apply sunscreen every day to avoid excessive oil secretion on the face, sunscreen once done to avoid suntanning, but also to achieve oil control effect.

Conjunctivitis is generally contagious, so it is necessary to develop a good habit of washing hands frequently, and do not rub your eyes with your hands and dirty clothes. Try to wash your face with flowing water, towels and pots for special use, and clean and disinfect regularly. Patients with infectious conjunctivitis need to take isolation measures and cannot swim in public swimming pools. People who are often stimulated by wind and dust need to improve their working environment or wear protective glasses to avoid conjunctivitis. In addition, the eyes are most afraid of the sun, try to wear a suncap and sunglasses when going out in summer, because the infrared and ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the lens harden prematurely, thus causing cataracts. Intense sunlight focuses on the choroid and retina, causing burns to the retina and choroid, so the child cannot look directly at the sun.

Finally, master the method of combing your hair. Sister Yi found that some fairies used to comb their hair with a comb as soon as they washed their hair. This is wrong! After the hair is wet, the hair scales on the surface will open, at this time to dredge the hair will cause the hair scales to tilt up, resulting in hair knots are not smooth. Also pay attention to gently wipe your hair with a towel after washing your hair. Excessive force will also make the hair scales peel off.

4. Do not dry immediately after washing. Many people feel that it is good to blow-dry their hair naturally after washing their hair. In addition, it is very uncomfortable to blow their hair with a hair dryer in summer, so it is good to dry it in the side. It is easy to let the dust in the air be absorbed to the head, and there is no need to use a hair dryer. However, you need to wipe it with a dry towel, not necessarily, at least not too wet.

At 12:45, the alarm sounded, and teachers and students who were resting in the classroom immediately received a danger signal and saw thick smoke rising on the playground. Under the guidance of the head teacher, the students immediately covered their mouths and noses with wet towels or small hands. Bending over, they were orderly evacuated from the thick smoke along the staircase designated by the school to the safety of the school playground.

There is no difference in the use of disposable compressed towels, either face or body, and it is very friendly to the skin without any discomfort. It only takes three seconds to compress the towel into the water, unfold it into a facial towel, and scrub things after cleansing, such as stains on glasses or shoes.

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