gently press the scalp hair with a towel , pay attention, and

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The global demand for wigs is on the rise in recent years. Africa continues to be one of the regions with great demand for wigs, and Tianjin, which has a long market for African wigs, has also begun a long time ago, so why has Africa become a dumping area for wigs all over the world? For girls with long hair, a hair dryer is a must after washing their hair. My suggestion is to gently press the scalp hair with a towel, pay attention, and then use the hair dryer to dry the hair evenly to avoid local overheating. In this way, the damage of the hair dryer to the hair is negligible.

Activities, pay attention to the changes in the weather and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, always remind children to add clothes in time, for sweaty children, timely change towels; at the same time, pay attention to the amount of water children drink, so that children can drink as much as they are thirsty. Strengthen physical exercise and outdoor activities, reduce the incidence of illness in young children, and maintain the attendance rate of the class. Really make parents feel at ease.

2. After issuing the impending earthquake forecast, food, water, flashlights, towels, simple clothing, plastic sheeting, simple tents, radios, pagers, etc., should be prepared for emergency shutdown of gas and electric switches.

At 09:30 in the morning, when the children were teaching activities, they heard the fire alarm on the kindergarten radio. All the health care and education personnel quickly took their places according to the evacuation requirements of the emergency plan. Members of the exercise leading group went to the main channels in time to ensure the smooth flow of the exercise channels. The teachers of the three classes in the park organized the children to quickly pick up towels, cover their mouths and noses, curl up, follow the fire escape route in an orderly manner, and evacuate safely on both internal and external stairs.

Bathroom radiator has many functions, in addition to the basic heating performance, but also can be used to receive trivial items in the bathroom. Bathroom radiator is designed for the back basket and other shapes, the front U-shaped pipe, can be used to place towels, toothpaste and other household items, very convenient.

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