time after swimming; 4) wash quilts and towel s, and do a

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For families with babies, wet paper towels are almost an inevitable necessity. As a substitute for towels, take a pack when you go out, wipe it when you need it, and throw it away after use, which is quite convenient and saves the trouble of cleaning.

Our park regularly inspects the health work of the whole garden, and the staff of the health care room do a good morning check-up every day in accordance with the requirements of the kindergarten, and deal with the problems in time. Every day, the teaching staff of our garden carry on the xx daily life of young children, ensuring that every classroom, dormitory, canteen, etc., have a certain degree of hygiene and cleanliness, check towels and mouth cups every week, and remove unsafe items, such as knives, scissors, and so on. Timely and proper handling of problems found.

Wash your hands carefully after touching things, before drinking and eating, and before touching your mouth and nose. Rub with soap or hand sanitizer for at least 15 seconds, then rinse with running water; do not share washbasins or towels with others, or simply rinse with clean water.

3) responsible for the whole process of baby swimming operation, prepare water before swimming and tidy up the swimming pool in time after swimming; 4) wash quilts and towels, and do a good job of disinfection in the swimming pool:

③ thinks that it is better to dry your hair as soon as possible after washing it, so he often uses a towel to rub it again and again, but ignores that rubbing hard with a towel will only make the hair dry and bifurcated.

As the surface of electroplated and sandblasted office filing cabinets is bright, it is easy to see handprint stains that affect the appearance of office filing cabinets, so this kind of office filing cabinets usually only need to be wiped with a clean flannelette or towel to be as bright as new, while stubborn stains can be sprayed with a small amount of detergent and dried immediately. Electroplated office filing cabinets can be coated with antirust oil once a month to avoid being placed in a damp and watery environment for a long time to prolong their service life.

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