Disinfect textiles such as clothes. Seriously polluted towel s, clothes, quilt covers,

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5. Disinfect textiles such as clothes. Seriously polluted towels, clothes, quilt covers, etc., can be disinfected with quaternary ammonium salt disinfectants (geramine, bromogeramine, Dumifen, parathion, xinjieling, etc.) after dilution according to the instructions; just wash and dry the textiles in daily life.

And many girls, after washing their hair, in order to dry their hair quickly, they will constantly rub their hair with towels in an attempt to absorb moisture from their hair, which will also damage the quality of their hair.

3. More hygienic and healthy: putting the washtable outside the bathroom means that toiletries and skin care products such as toothbrushes and towels are away from the bacteria and damp environment in the toilet and shower area, which is more hygienic and healthier and more conducive to the preservation of skin care products.

In the photo, Wu Qili was seen wearing a black sports swimsuit and a white towel to wipe her sweat, not afraid of being photographed without makeup and embarrassment, presumably for swimming exercise in an effort to subtract the flesh she had grown during the epidemic. It is reported that Ng Yili has just returned to work and is filming the new drama “Taiping Tattoo Shop”. In order to maintain a good figure on the screen, she is also actively slimming down and striving to show her best condition!

3. Bring your own personal belongings such as swimming caps, towels and goggles; wash the body before swimming, wear sealed swimming glasses when swimming, reduce the chance of eye contact with swimming pool water; wash your face and bath with flowing clean water in time after swimming; clean swimming goggles, swimming caps, etc.; avoid sharing towels, bath towels and other public goods. Guanhai News / Qingdao Morning Post reporter Yang Jian

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